More detail about the services we provide...

You may find illustrations and brief descriptions of the general workshop activities in the "Service" section. However, only a small part of what was accomplished within the past years and the most basic activities are represented on the site. In reality, you may refer to us with a wide variety of questions, if they have anything to do with furniture, or with wood in general. Of course, we're not always able to satisfy each and every request -- there are many amateur masters for that -- but we will always attentively examine any ideas and wishes you might have.

If our workshop won't be able to help you with the fulfillment of your particular order (due to the lack of a necessary specialist or too much work at the time) we will try to help you with a good advice or recommendation.

The workshop has a wide circle of professional contacts and good business relationships with art critics, artists, machinists, mechanics specialists. Subsequently, we plan to create a new section on our website called "Partners and colleagues".

The cost of labor.

To be honest, we do not have the cheapest masters in the city of Moscow. However, our masters' experience and the work quality correspond directly with the price. We can estimate the price of an object or project by having you send photographs (general views and fragments,) as well as sketches or drafts by e-mail.